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A personal injury claim can include any injury to your body, mind, or both. They can be the result of a wide variety of accidents and incidents, such as car accidents and medical negligence. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you can recover compensation for your economic and noneconomic damages.

A personal injury lawsuit can yield compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and more.

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Types of Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits can stem from a wide variety of accidents and incidents. The attorneys in the My Price Lawyers network provide affordable legal representation to injury victims in cases such as:

Why You Need Serious Injury Lawyers On Your Side

Personal injury victims, particularly those hurt in car wrecks, often believe they can go it alone and win fair compensation. But in most cases, that is a huge mistake. Hiring a personal injury attorney greatly increases your chance of winning maximum compensation for your injuries.

Personal Injury Cases: Settlement vs. Going to Trial - infographic

Personal injury claims can be very complex. Even in cases that seem fairly simple and straightforward, you may be up for a serious fight. And when injuries are serious, victims and their loved ones tend to underestimate the long-term costs and losses associated with the injuries.

In most personal injury cases you seek compensation from an insurance company rather than an individual, and insurance companies fight hard to avoid paying or to pay far less than they should. Insurance companies are known for their underhanded tactics, especially when dealing with claimants who do not have legal representation. The insurance company may try to deny your claim, offer you far less than you need and deserve or delay paying. If you face them alone, they know they have the advantage, just having an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney on your side gives you an edge. They know you mean business and that you have someone protecting your legal rights.

When you have been seriously injured you must prove fault and the cost of your injuries. That means gathering evidence as soon as possible after you are injured. Most types of cases require thorough investigation, beyond the level that is performed by insurance adjusters and law enforcement. Your attorney will work with the right experts for your case.

Those experts might include investigators, accident reconstructionists, medical experts and others.

Finally, there are rules, procedures and deadlines to worry about. Your attorney makes sure that all of your paperwork is filed properly, in the right place, and on time. That may sound very basic and simple, but any errors will cost you your case.

Quality Legal Representation You Can Afford

So now you may be thinking that even though you know you need a lawyer, you cannot afford to hire one. You can.

My Price Lawyers connects injury victims with experienced and caring personal injury attorneys at an affordable price.

  • We do not charge you for our service of connecting you to a lawyer in our network.
  • Our attorneys offer free claim evaluations
  • Our injury attorneys represent personal injury victims on a contingency fee basis. They will not ask you for a retainer or bill you by the hour for their services. The contingency fee is a percentage of what you win. You only incur attorneys’ fees if you actually win money and then the fees are deducted from the recovery.

Economic Damages In Personal Injury Compensation

Economic damages are the damages that can be tied to a specific dollar amount. These are the expenses and losses you have already suffered, such as medical care you have already received and work you have already missed, as well as your expected future expenses and losses. Determining your existing economic damages is far easier than your future damages. To determine and prove the value of your future damages, your attorney may engage medical experts, economists, life care planners and others who can put the whole picture together and explain it to a jury in a meaningful way.

Your economic damages are not just your medical bills and lost income. Other expenses associated with your medical care, such as travel to special medical centers and your out-of-pocket costs for childcare while you are at the doctor may also be recovered.

Your injuries may force you to hire someone to help with basic household tasks like mowing the lawn and changing lightbulbs. And disabilities can mean that you must remodel your home and purchase, as well as maintain, a special vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair or other equipment.

You only get one shot at demanding the full amount you will need to pay for your injuries. If you settle for less than you need and you run out of money in a few years, you and your family will be left footing the bill. You cannot go back and ask for more at a later date.

Economic damages can include:

  • Existing and future medical expenses
  • Home health care
  • Long term care
  • Custodial care
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Special equipment and prosthetics
  • Home modifications
  • Vehicle modifications or purchase and maintenance of a vehicle to accommodate disabilities
  • Lost income and future lost income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Noneconomic Damages in Serious Injury Compensation

Your noneconomic damages are the very personal losses that do not directly correlate to a dollar amount. These are the losses that usually mean the most to injury victims. After an accident you may not be able to participate in life the way that you used to. Your physical injuries might keep you from being able to pick up and hold your children or play with your dogs.

Psychological harm may prevent you from going to the grocery store or eating in restaurants.

Physical or emotional injury may rob you of the independence of being able to drive a car. Maybe you have suffered cognitive impairments that do not prevent you from performing essential daily tasks but do make it too hard for you to help you kids with their homework.

Each person is affected differently by their injuries, and their families suffer for their injuries, too. Although you cannot put a dollar value on spending time with your kids or just being able to do the everyday tasks you used to take for granted or even thought of as chores, you can recover compensation for those losses when someone else is responsible for your injuries.

Non-economic damages can include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Permanent impairment
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Alteration of lifestyle
  • Psychological trauma
  • Mental distress, anxiety and depression
  • Apprehension
  • Deprivation of normal life expectancy
  • Disfigurement
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Loss of consortium – for your spouse

Loss of Consortium in Personal Injury Compensation

A loss of consortium claim can be made to compensate your spouse for the personal losses they experience as a result of your injuries and how they affect your ability to participate in your relationship. Loss of consortium compensates your spouse for the loss of:

  • Affection
  • Solace
  • Companionship
  • Fellowship
  • Society
  • Conjugal life
  • Sexual relationship
  • Aid and assistance necessary to a marriage
  • Replacement value of lost services such as childcare and maintaining the household

Loss of consortium does not include the financial support lost as a result of your lost income because that is part of your economic damages.

Punitive Damages in Personal Injury Compensation

Punitive damages are something everyone has heard of, but few understand. They are not meant to compensate you, that is what your economic and noneconomic damages, referred to collectively as compensatory damages, are for. Punitive damages are also referred to as exemplary damages. They are awarded in addition to your losses as a punishment and deterrent to the wrongdoer and others who might be tempted to behave in a similar fashion.

Punitive damages are rarely available. They are not granted for simple negligence. The defendant’s behavior has to be worse than that. In Florida you must prove gross negligence or intentional misconduct in order to receive punitive damages.

Gross negligence is behaving with conscious disregard for the life, safety or rights of others. Intentional misconduct means that the plaintiff knew that their conduct would probably cause injury to others, and chose to do it anyway.

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